Summer Soccer Single Registration (Senior)

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Payment is due at the time of nomination. No partial payments will be accepted ONLY FULL PAYMENTS

Registrations close on the 15th October. No entries will be accepted after, unless numbers need to be evened up.

New Changes

  • Season will be only 12 weeks as the winter season has run later than usual due to covid
  • There will be 11 Thursday nights and 1 Tuesday night which will be the 22nd December
  • We have included a single player nomination to our online shop, its free to register and we will try find single players a team or create a team from accumulated single nominations but we can’t guarantee a spot
  • Start date will be 22nd October 2020 and the last game played on 14th January 2021 (12 weeks) (11 Thursdays & 1 Tuesday 22nd December)
  • Fees will be 600 this year.
  • Team forms have a Requests section, put down any preferred times or other teams you play in. Cannot guarantee every request. 
  • Men's Divisions will have two grading weeks to better sort the teams.
  • Fixtures for the 22nd and 29th October will be released first; any teams that haven't paid their fees after the 22nd October will be removed from the season fixtures.
  • Any abuse or physical contact with the ref will result in a red card and possible further suspension.
  • As always, No studs or Blades on Boots
  • No Alcohol to be consumed on the pitch.